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Joining a diet website cannot be easier than dietmonger.com because there is no membership fee.

DietMonger.com is supported by qualified nutrition personnel with inputs from nutrition consultants for an up to date and comprehensive coverage.

Be a member by login onto the home page and create your own account which is accessible by you only.

The next stage is building up your Diet and Fitness profile using the diet and fitness tools. Use the food database to create your FAVOURITE food option by selecting food from the food database and use the exercise /activity database to select activities and exercise in order to calculate your daily calorific usage (DCI)

An interactive word packages comprising of weight loss questionnaire and health appraisals forms has to be completed electronically to enabled assessment of your health fitness and psychological readiness for the program .The feedback will be sent to your email address.

You can add other food and exercise/activities onto the website databases but it would have to be approved by the administrator before it is open to general use by members.Please use the contact us page to inform the administrator each time you add new food to the database in order to make it visible in the ADD CONSUMPTION FOR TODAY PAGE.

You can create your unique and personalised diet sheet that is tailored fit to your weight goal and target by clicking on the weight wizard icon or the weight loss calculator icon; this facility is fee paying and users have to pay by pay pal for individual diet sheets or pay using SECURING TRADING payment gate for group subscriptions or bundles The diet sheet tells you based on your activities how much food of your choice to eat to achieve your desired body weight.it set calories target for you based on your estimated activity level.it is an intelligent system that respond to change in activity level.it rewards and compensate if you are highly active by allowing more food intake and if you are less active, it reduces your food intake.We have just created new packages which are suitable for groups,fitness organisations and gyms that support multi-usage platforms which are suitable for gym members to create unlimited diet sheets.It consist of bi-weekly and monthly bundles that ranges in price of £60 and £100 respectively

There is no cancellation/delete buttons on the Food and exercise tables, once you start adding food to the food table you cannot delete it .

It is advisable for users to be certain that the Food and Exercise/activities added are the intended ones cause once you start creating your diet sheet you have to complete the process and click at the end whether to print or send the diet sheet into your email inbox; and this automatically clears the food and exercise tables for subsequent creation of a new diet sheet.

F2 to F9 are free for members
F1 is pay as you go for members

Payment is done by using Paypal each time members use facility F1, he/she pays per a day diet sheet which include Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner for a full day. Members pay as you go on their requested personalised diet sheets using pay pal or credit/debit cards.Price is £1 for a day diet sheet (1 diet sheet). The price is exclusive of VAT. or using SECURE TRADING payment point for BUNDLES.Price ranges from bi-weekly and monthly bundles of £60 and £100 respectively

What are provided?

  • F1 : A unique and personalized Diet Sheet
  • F2 : Food Calorie Database
  • F3 : Exercise and Activity Calorie counter and exercise tips
  • F4 : Expert Support and Guidance round the clock
  • F5 : Health and Diet News
  • F6 : News and update on current research
  • F7 : Diet and Fitness calculators, Weight and Measurement converter tools
  • F8 : Members Forum, Chat and Blogs for exchanging and sharing views
  • F9 : Free Diet Profile and Fitness Profile